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Product Version Release Release Date Handbook Brochure
Portable Fluxmeter Classic-Enhanced  9.1 Jan 2019 Handbook_Portable_9.1.pdf WS_Brochure_Portable_Fluxmeter.pdf
Portable Fluxmeter Classic-Enhanced  8.2 Sep 2012 Handbook_Portable_8.2.pdf WS_Brochure_Portable_Fluxmeter.pdf
Portable Fluxmeter Scout  2.1 Sep 2016 Handbook_SCOUT.pdf WS_Brochure_Scout.pdf
Portable Fluxmeter Classic Drager based  8.0 Nov 2009 Handbook_PortableDrager.pdf Brochure_Fluxmeter_2010.pdf
Portable Fluxmeter older versions  Please e-mail the serial number to: downloads@westsystems.com
Continuous Monitoring Classic-CM  3.4 Jan 2017 Handbook_3.4.pdf Brochure_ContinuousMonitoring_2010.pdf
Continuous Monitoring CO2 S-pot WS_Brochure_CO2-Spot.pdf
Continuous Monitoring HWR-8/9 3.2 Sep 2015 Handbook_3.2.pdf
Continuous Monitoring old versions  Please e-mail the serial number to: downloads@westsystems.com
Multi-Chambers CCS-MCS 3.3 Jan 2017 Handbook_Multichamber.pdf
Software Release Release Date FileName OS
FluxRevision 4.11  Mar 2019 FluxRevision.exe Windows XP-7-8-10
FluxManager The lastest version of FluxManager for Android is freely available on Google Play Store Android
FluxManager 3.23 Jul 2017 FluxManager_WM6.5.exe PDA (Windows Mobile 6.5)
FluxManager 2.93 Jun 2013 FluxManager_WM6.0.exe PDA (Windows Mobile 6.0)
FluxManager 1.11 Jul 2017 FluxManager_PC.exe Windows XP-7-8-10
Calibra 1.83 Mar 2017 Calibra.exe PDA (Windows Mobile)
FluxExplorer 1.9 Jan 2013 FluxExplorer.exe PDA (Windows Mobile)
PalmFlux* 5.37 Jul 2010 PalmFlux.exe PDA (Windows Mobile 5.0)
SetSensor* 1.6 Jul 2010 SetSensor.exe PDA (Windows Mobile 5.0)