Engineering, Technology and Research in a Company for the protection of the Environment.

West Systems is a company with over 30 years of experience that operate worldwide on the development of technological innovation and applied research in the field of earth sciences and environmental monitoring. WEST Systems has wide experience carrying out equipment for the study of gas exchange at the soil-atmosphere interface, and its instrumentation is applied in many fields such as volcanology, geothermal exploitation, landfills monitoring, hydrocarbons contaminated sites and hydrocarbons seepage.

Moreover, the company is able to develop monitoring systems to solve specific customer problems through a professional staff composed by engineers, geologists, computer scientists and highly skilled technicians, all motivated by enthusiasm and common goals. During the past years a consulting service has been developed by West System focused on air quality monitoring and ionizing radiations monitoring to assess the environment pollution.

West Systems boasts important and consolidated relationships with the major national and international research institutions in the field of environmental monitoring.

Nature and Environment:
Our mission

West Systems has been operating globally for more than 30 years in the field of technological innovation and applied research for the protection of the environment.

Innovation technology for smart farm system, Agriculture management, Hand holding smartphone with smart technology concept. asian male farmer working in Sugarcane farm To collect data to study.

What do we do

Environmental engineering

Design, Studies and Research in the water, waste and environmental protection sector


Monitoring, Analysis and Physico-chemical Characterization Services of all environmental matrices


Instruments for measuring diffuse emissions of gases from the soil and of radioactivity.

Research and innovation

Design and production of scientific instrumentation prototypes for environmental protection

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