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The Westsystems Fluxmeters are portable instruments for the measurement of fluxes that use the accumulation chamber method. This method studied for soil respiration in agronomy (Parkinson) for soil degassing in volcanic areas (Tonani), as well as in landfills and has been designed by WEST Systems in cooperation with G. Chiodini and R. Cioni to obtain a portable instrument that allows the performance of measurements with very good accuracy in a short time.

LICOR Based instrument :: The carbon dioxide detector is a LICOR - LI820 (or LI840) This release of fluxmeter is very accurate in the range from 0.01 up to 300 moles/m2/day of carbon dioxide. The instrument can be expanded with additional detectors to measure hydrogen sulfide and / or methane diffuse flux. Download :: Brochure :: Manual

CH4 flux measurement :: The methane detector, based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy combined with multipass cell, allows the measurement of very low fluxes in the range from 0.5 millimoles up to 1000 moles/m2 per day. The instrument extends the range of possible applications, allowing the determination of gas exchange related for example to soil respiration or seepage from natural or artificial reservoirs of natural gas. Download :: Brochure

Portable fluxmeter Portable fluxmeter

Accumulation Chambers for both instruments

The flux measurement is very easy and very fast and can be done under difficult operative conditions.

WEST Systems provide two accumulation chambers (100 mm height / 200 mm height) in order to extend the flux measurement range.

Two pipes connect the accumulation chamber to the instrument.

A mixing device, alkaline battery supplied, allow a optimal mixing of the gas inside the chamber to increase the measurement accuracy.

The LI-800 version allows you to carry out measurements in a wider range of carbon dioxide flux, in particular for small flux, where the measurements carried out by means of the Drager version are affected by a rather significant error.

Since 1994 several surveys have been carried out to monitor areas with volcanic hazard and to map CO2 degassing areas.

Palmtop Computer (All instruments)

A small, pocket size, computer (PDA) manage the instrument, showing the result(s) of measurement in real time.

The connection between the PDA and instrument is realized using bluetooth/wireless devices.


HSL Flux

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Flux map in a landfill. (ITER 2000)

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