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Continuous Monitoring Station
Model HWR9 - release 2015

download manual soon available

The instrument allows measurement of the soil degassing of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane and of the related environmental parameters.


  • in vulcanology to understand the dynamics of volcanoes and for a global evaluation of the hazard connected with volcanic activity;
  • monitoring of geothermal areas;
  • soil respiration;
  • survey of landfill biogas emissions.

flux measurement range:

  • carbon dioxide: from 0.001 up to 300 moles/sm/day;
  • methane : from 0.0005 up to 1000 moles/sm/day;
  • hydrogen sulfide : from 0.0025 up to 0.5 moles/sm/day.

This is a completely automatic station which performs the measurements cycle (up to 48 measurements per day), acquires and stores the data on a non-volatile memory. By means of a telemetry system the data can be transferred to a Reception Center up to 20 miles away, or can be anywhere on the planet by using our innovative internet based telemetry systems.

Stations in use around the world...

accumulation chamber unit





The soil flux station is able to measure:

  • Carbon dioxide diffuse flux from soil by means of the accumulation chamber method and a LICOR CO2 or VAISALA IRCO2 detector.
  • Hydrogen Sulphide diffuse flux from soil by means of the accumulation chamber method and a WEST Systems electrochemical detector.
  • Methane flux means of the accumulation chamber method and a infrared absorption detector.
  • Carbon Dioxide concentrations
  • Air temperature / Relative humidity
  • Wind speed and direction / Sonic wind gauge
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil water content by means of TDR technology
    Barometric pressure

Other parameters such as H2S concentration, solar radiation, rainfall, soil gas pressure gradient, up to a maximum of 36 sensors.

Ref. code: HWR9-SFS

SENSORS Carbon dioxide


Working principles: Double beam IR Detector with solid state sensor compensated in temperature, without moving parts.

  • Measurement range: 0 to 20000 ppm
  • Accuracy 5 ppm + 2% of reading (Accuracy below 200 ppm CO2 non specified for 2% range option)
  • Signal noise: with no output averaging +-3 ppm. linearized.
  • IP67 Housing.
  • Operating temperature: between -40 and +60 C.
  • Air relative humidity 0~95%.

Ref. code: CO2-VIR

Meteorological parameters

  • Wind speed & direction: Biaxial sonic sensor;
  • Air Temperature & Relative Humidity :: Solid state sensor;
  • Soil water content (Time domain reflectometer)
  • Soil temperature : pt100 platinum probe;
  • Barometric pressure;
  • Rain fall gauge ;
  • Other phisical / chemical parameters on request;



Working principles: Solid state sensor compensated in temperature, without moving parts.

Avalaible for:

  • CO Carbon monoxide 100 ppm
  • H2S Hidrogen sulfide 20 pm
  • SO2 Sulfur dioxide 100 ppm
  • Full scale : Depending on gas type Out 4~20 mA linearized..
  • Working temperature : between -20 and +65 C.
  • Air relative humidity 0~95%

Ref. code: WS-TOX-xxx


The accumulation chamber unit

  • Aluminium accumulation chamber with internal mixing device, improved surface treatment to prevent corrosion;
  • Motor for the motion of the accumulation camer
  • 2 Proximity sensors (Chamber open/Chamber Closes)
  • Connection cables and pipes chamber-to-station
  • Chamber Surface: 700 cmq
  • Chamber Weight: 16.5 kg

Ref. code: ACE - IV



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