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Air Quality Monitoring

According the Air Quality Directive of European Community, West Systems offers different air monitoring services in order assure the respect of current law. To better understand and recognise main sources which cause air pollution a standard monitoring activity is not enough, for this reason multidisciplinary approach is carried out . Chemical analysis provided for legislation will be developed and isotopic analysis will be carried out at the same time, isotopic analysis it’s really important because they will permit to trace emissions sources and to quantify their contribution to environmental quality. In addition Advanced Dispersion Model (as CALPUFF) could be used to define the movement of pollutants plume and to calculate the major impact zone due to the presences of emission source.

West Systems activity on Air Quality Monitoring is focused on:

  • the geological characterization of interested area and the analysis of main emission sources located on territory before planning monitoring activities;
  • detailed meteorological analysis of area;
  • implementation of sampling activity;
  • chemical and isotopic analysis;
  • advanced statistical treatment of the results.

The application fields of West Systems activities are:

  • MSWL Municipal Solid Waste landfill: MSWL could be sources of greenhouse gasses (as CH4 and CO2) and of odorous emissions due to the degradation of organic matter. To check concentration air level and to improve the environmental management and policy the follow pollutants will be monitored:
    • CH4 and CO2
    • H2S and mercaptans
    • VOCs (Volatic Organic Compounds)
    • NH3
  • Industrial area: to evaluate the impact on an industrial source on air quality chemical and isotopic characterization of emissions from chimney will be carried out. Isotopic analysis will permit to define the “footprint” of the industrial plant and its contribution to air quality. The pollutants monitored will be defined after the industrial process analysis, but sampling activity will include always:
    • PM10 and PM2.5
    • VOCs
    • NOx and SOx

  • Urban and suburban zone: to define air quality on urban and suburban zone will be monitored the following pollutants:
    • PM10 and PM2.5
    • Ozone
    • VOCs
    • NOx and SOx

To better understand the reasons of pollutions, especially for PM, will be utilised different instrumentations as gravimetric or optical devices. The West Systems multidisciplinary approach complete chemical and isotopic analysis with the use deterministic and receptors models to study environmental pollution. This methodology is excellent to compile environmental plan action especially to individuate reduction policy of air pollution.

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